Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stomp Rockets

My parents came to visit yesterday. They live about an hour away and really like to see the grandkids. My father noticed that the stomp rockets that they had gotten for the holidays were still in the box and asked about them. I had wanted to wait until it warmed up but that never deters my father. He knew to ask Katie if she wanted to do them now and you can guess what she said....

The kids had them out of the box and put together lickity split. They couldn't wait to get them outside and I think Grandpa was starting to feel like a kid all over again.

We got them outside and Kimmy had hers going right away. She favored the jump over the stomp.

Grandpa wasn't going to be outdone and he is a lot bigger. But he can't jump as high...How about the expression on his face? Priceless...

We got cold really fast but that didn't deter us. Katie had some issues with hers which was more due to the fact that the tubing on hers was sort of kinked - but she did get it going finally.

The game soon became lets see if we can catch the rockets on the way down....

Definitely a lot if fun!!!

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