Friday, January 11, 2008

Soccer news

So we had our second game of the week tonight. We had a makeup game from when the snow was bad enough they closed the facility due to the roads which was Tuesday and then we played again tonight. We went against the 2 top teams both of which were undefeated.

Tuesday night we were very sluggish and it showed. I just don't think we were ready. We had one lapse on defense and lost the game 1 - 0. That's not to say that we didn't have our chances. The game was extremely close and we could have won it.

Tonight was probably our toughest game of the season. The team we played against, Maccabi Masters, has obviously been together a long time. They played well together with a nice balanced game. They knew their triangles and looked good. They didn't win though, we ended up tied 2 - 2. We had our chances and played well. I managed to get a bloody nose, a ball in the face will do that for you, but they didn't score on that play. Wes had 2 goals both set up by Rolfie. He would have had a third but one of our own players got in the way, duck Jamie.

Now Rolfie had an interesting night. I think he may have been trying to show off for his girlfriend, but he couldn't seem to find the goal. Great shots just not on net. 2 field goals (wrong sport Rolfie - they don't play American football in Chelsea) and then a bunch wide left or right - mind you - these weren't post shots - these were 4 maybe 5 feet to the left or right. In the spirit of soccer- I thought this was a great comic.....(from

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