Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pajama Party in Wanaque

Tonight was pretty cool for my daughters. They had a pajama party at their school. It was for second through fourth graders (Kimmy snuck in). You dressed in your pajamas and came to school at 7pm. All the kids were in the library and lounging out on the floor.

A bunch of the teachers were there for the party and they had pajamas on too. The teachers each read a story - sometimes just one teacher other times they got together and did a tag team. The kids loved it. They were laughing and joining in and it was a cool story time. It was designed to show that reading is fun and the kids were quiet during all the stories and really appreciated having their teacher's there.

At the end of the reading there was a sing-a-long with the music teacher and then a magician came out. He was very good and the kids loved it. Katie kept saying afterwards, "I don't know how he got the dove off of the handkerchief and then made it real." She wanted to know if I knew how it was done.

Kimmy enjoyed it too and sat with a bunch of her friends.

The event was sponsored by the Wanaque School PTA (provided for free) and was a hearty success. Hats off to everyone who helped put the event together, whether planning, participating, or just supporting the kids. Thanks to all the teachers who came because it makes a difference.

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