Monday, December 31, 2007

Seagulls from York

So i am now going through all the pictures that I took in Maine. I started my trip in York Maine around 10 in the morning and my second stop was by the Nubble Lighthouse. It is gorgeous lighthouse on an island about 50 feet away from the peninsula. While I was there I met a fellow photographer who was up from Franklin NH with his family. They were feeding the gulls and I took about 200 pictures. Sure made it easy and I was shocked at how well they came out. Made it very difficult to cull the photos down to a manageable amount so I could put them up on the web site but finally finished. Here is one of my favorites.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

What a difference 2 days make

I thought you all might want to see the difference that 2 days make. I took this first picture on the 23rd when you couldn't see more than a few feet in front of you. This was taken at 11:52 am that Sunday. I got a great walk in but the pictures were tough.

I went back on the 25th and took this picture at 11:56 am. What a difference 2 days make.

Winston Finally

Ok, ok, I promised a post on Friday but after we got home form NH I woke up sicker than a dog (sorry for the pun Winston) on Friday and spent most of the day in bed.

On to Winston. I met Winston at the Franklin Falls Dam for the first time last Sunday the 23rd. The weather had been horrible all day and the fog was thinker than in London. Winston was at the dam with his Mom and Dad as well as one of those balls that comes with a flinger. He bounded up to say hi and then just turned into a full grown playful puppy. The pictures didn't come out great but I got lucky when I ran into him 2 days later at the dam.

Dad forgot to bring his tennis ball but Winston still wanted to mug for the camera. We discovered that he loved to chase snowballs too. He bounded into the snow and looked just like a hunting dog watching the snowball leave Dad's hand. He waited, timed his jump and caught everyone except for the one that was thrown too far. Didn't stop him from trying though. I am sure that next time we visit NH we will run into Winston again and maybe we will bring Doogie along for him to play with.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's a dog, dog world!

I took a ride to Maine today from here in NH (up for the holiday) and went to visit my old haunt of Ogunquit Beach with stops in York and Kittery Point.

Winter is the best time for dogs in Maine. They are allowed in the parks and on the beaches and they just love to run around in the sand and snow.

I cannot remember all their names but a few stuck out - Barkley the Irish Setter in Ogunquit, Gracie the Beagle mix (Labrador I think) and of course, Sierra the cute (too young to be handsome) 9 week old Husky pup from Kittery . Extremely well behaved and very friendly. Wait until Friday when i post pictures of Winston, a great Black Lab who loves to play.

Hello World!

A few people keep asking and I have always meant to get back to my writing so here goes.

For those that know me the title will not be a mystery. I have never been a big sleeper and 3am tends to be when I am most productive. I toyed with 3am in the morning since my wife always makes fun of the fact that I say 3am which has to be morning and then add it on the end.

I hope everyone enjoys.