Friday, January 18, 2008

Another edition of Thursday night soccer

Sorry for the delay in the posts. I don't usually like to wait this long.

Well - we had another game tonight - since we tied last week we fell from 5th place to 6th place and needed a win which would have pushed us up to 4th. We played the team from West Milford and we did not start strong at all. We let up 2 goals in the first 8 minutes - both of them our fault. We pushed too early too fast and let them have an odd man rush which they played very well. We came back with 2 goals to tie the score at 2 - nice shots Wes. It was a tough game and I took 2 knocks to the head - the first about 11 minutes into the game, stopped an odd man rush and fell at the same time - took a header on the turf but managed to get the ball off to Bu. Took a quick break and then we had a miscommunication. I normally play center back and when I stepped out we lost our center back as the sub went in at midfield. Needless to say they scored # 3.

Then we dominated the next 10 minutes had 4 shots that each hit either the crossbar or a post and the goalie had 2 good saves on 2 others. This is when I took my second shot to the head - this time really a shot - took the ball off my face - the good news is no bloody nose this week. Managed to stay with the ball but took a break a few minutes later - need to clear my head a little. In the mean time - we gave up another goal to drop to 4 - 2 and we lost our way for a few minutes. People got a little down and gave up some - West Milford applied a lot of pressure - we stopped many of the odd man rushes but we really need to get better at marking our men. With about eight minutes left West Milford scored their fifth goal.

This kicked us back into gear and we started to go hard. We had three more balls off posts or crossbars and finally put one in but ran out of time - final score 5 - 3. This is a game we needed to win and should have won. No excuses,we just need to play the whole time and get better passing and marking. We have people moving to the open space and we are not crisp in our passes or some of us are trying to do everything ourselves and ending up losing the ball. We have to play as a team if we want to win.

Now it's time for the Rolfie report. He showed up late - but we will give him pass with all of the snow around and he was working (or so he claims). This was Rolfie's night or at least it appeared to be. He has some great shots on net - a few were saved by the keeper but the rest just really liked the frame of the goal - he hit at least one crossbar and 2 posts. The good news is he is dialing in his shots now - just needs to get a few more inches in there (ask Kristen about this - I am sure she can explain the concept to you Rolfie)- the bad news is he never follows his shots. The one that banged off the crossbar bounced round for at least 5 seconds before the goalie finally grabbed it and Rolfie-boy could have walked in there - ordered his fish and chips - and still put the ball in the net. Same with a few rebounds off the keeper - I think he was thinking of celebrating down at the pub and never realized that it hadn't gone in....

We are going to stay in 6th place but we will win next week - if I have to shove Rolfie into the net with the ball myself.

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