Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Moon over Wanaque

I tried to get some pictures of Kimmy playing moonball the other night. It's just like basketball but with the moon instead. Needless to say I had problems with my first try since it looked more like she was playing moon marble.

This was after the sunset pictures and due to the fact that we had a full moon and Kimmy was still willing to take a few pictures (at least I had found my gloves by this time). Having done a lousy job a few nights ago I wanted to get out there again and get some new shots of the moon which I could try to combine with the pictures of Kimmy to make a great moonball picture.

I was very unhappy with all of my pictures mostly because I don't have a lot of experience taking moonshots and it sure wasn't easy without a tripod. Imagine my surprise when I came in and found that I had one cool picture with a star studded moon (it makes sense when you look at the picture and some stars . It was actually a longer shutter setting completely by mistake but it was the only one I liked tonight (Click for larger image)

D300, 18-200mm lens, 18mm, F/5.6, 2.5 secs, iso 800

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