Monday, January 14, 2008 snowed....I swear

All weekend long we kept hearing about this nor'easter that was roaring up the coast. Where I live in Northern NJ it was projected that we would be in the 4" - 8" zone at the very least. We got a little worried - made sure that everything was away outside (it had been so warm that we had some things out) and watched the news closely.

A curious thing happened at 10pm. They stopped showing snow totals and just showed which areas would be hit the hardest. We were still in that area but we had no idea how much we were going to get.

At 11 - one channel still showed the snow totals but then said the snow would come in gusts (not really sure how snow gusts - wind does but snow?) We put the phone by the bed in case there was a delayed opening and went to bed with a little sense of dread.

Imagine my surprise when I got up this morning and there was just a little more than a coating on the driveway. The roads were clear but there was snow on the trees and lawns. I grabbed my camera and took a few snaps.

As I drove to work I got less then 10 minutes from home when the snow disappeared. There was no evidence what-so-ever. Of course New England is getting socked but not us.

Here is my evidence:

D300, 18-200mm VR, f9, 1/125s, iso 200, 48mm, no sharpening

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