Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Sometimes you love UPS and other times you hate them. It's not their fault mind you - just a reality in life - must be one of Murphy's laws.

"A package will always be delivered when you have just stepped out of the house for a minute, resulting in a notice on your door."

My new D300 which is replacing the one I had an issue with arrived today and then promptly went back on the UPS truck to sit forlornly among the other soon to have homes packages only to be replaced by a white, gold and brown notice on the door. My wife had stepped out to pick the kids up from school and was gone for maybe 25 minutes. Wouldn't you know that was when UPS arrived. Sometimes I think they hide around corners just to make sure they miss you. They don't of course but it makes me feel better to think they do.

I am going to pick it up tomorrow at their service center since it is on the way to work and their second delivery attempt was going to be at the same time as today - 20% chance my wife will be out and 90% chance that is when they will try to deliver the package again......

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