Monday, January 7, 2008

Gotta love great service

I bought my Nikon D300 a little more than a month ago. I noticed a problem after I had been using it for a little bit. I had originally thought it was a problem with my lens and then figured out it was the camera itself. I went back through my pictures and discovered that the problem had been there all along.

So I called Nikon which said they would take care of it but they suggested that I speak to the store where I got it from first. I didn't think I had a chance since I had taken more than the usual 14 days to return an item.

Imagine my surprise when I explained to the store the problem and they said they would be happy to either exchange or return it. That is excellent customer service and why I keep going back to B&H Photo and telling my friends about it. I highly recommend them for your photo and camera purchases. If you are ever in New York City it is well worth the trip to the store. They are amazingly polite (in this day and age no less), knowledgeable, patient, and they let you try things in the store. Take your camera with you if you are looking for a lens since you can get a feel for it right there.

There are very few places that provide great customer service and when you find one stick with it. These are the stores worth going to again and again. I wish other places would learn this lesson - sometimes it is not just the best price but a great experience that counts.

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