Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wanaque in the news

Wanaque had its first real snow storm yesterday and it was over by the afternoon. We were expecting a little bit more snow or sleet in the evening but no real accumulation. Lo and behold it warmed up and then cooled down and our town of Wanaque became famous again for the 22 car accident on 287 that occurred here.

You know the old sign that says "Bridge Freezes before roadway" well obviously there wasn't one here or else no one paid any attention to it. The bridge over the Wanaque River between exits 55 and 57 on the highway appears to have been covered in black ice. 2 trucks managed to hit two cars and then everyone else who tried to stop managed to get into trouble. The good news is that no one appears to be seriously hurt. The bad news, it shouldn't have happened at all. They closed Skyline Drive earlier in the day which should have been enough warning about the roadways but obviously not enough salt was deployed. Watching the news was interesting. A tow truck actually hit a fire truck as they were both responding to the scene because they had trouble on the same ice.

I hear all the emergency crews, police, firefighters, and ambulance crews did a great job. You can never say enough about the men and women who volunteer and serve in our community.

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