Friday, February 1, 2008

A man and a dog

Rolfie stopped by tonight. He doesn't have as much to do at nights with his girlfriend away for a bit so he figured he would come hang out. He couldn't get past the door without Doogie attacking. Doogie jumped up and wouldn't leave him alone until he got a little loving. The problem with Rolfie though is he never real had a dog, knows what to do with a cat but give him a dog and he is at a loss.

So, he tries to pick Doogie up and has no concept how to do this. Looked like a non-parent holding a dirty diaper. Doogie decided that he was worth giving a licking to. Paul was having none of that but of course the dog always wins. Rolfie ended up with a nice wet face.

By the end of the night Doogie had Rolfie under his power. Paul couldn't stop kissing him and holding him. Guess he really misses his girlfriend....

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