Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let it Snow

Wow - it hasn't been often that the weather people on TV have gotten it right recently. In the last 3 months when they said it would snow 6 inches we’ve had flurries and no accumulation. Another time it was supposed to dip into the teens and it was 45 degrees out.

It started snowing around 11 today and work was kind enough to "suggest" that we go home early and, this part is important, be careful when we did. For some reason 287 was not bad today - took only an extra 10 minutes or so of travel time today and the plows and sanders had done a good job.

My bad luck that I had a meeting tonight that wouldn’t be cancelled. Got there early and when the meeting finished at 7:30 cleaned off the car again and headed home. Kept it to 20 miles an hour and did great until I got to the last ½ a mile. You see, I live on the side of a big hill, or mountain as I like to call it. The road straight up looked plowed and the side road that splits off didn’t. I headed up the hill with my Prius and did great until I got one block from my turn. Then the car went from 15 mph down to 0 instantly. The wheels were slipping and I wasn’t sure that my little engine (really an engine and a motor) would make it. My little putt putt decided that if I just stepped on the gas and held it that it would lurch forward a few feet and then stop again. I made it to the corner and turned and then the car started going slower, if that’s possible and finally stopped for a second. The brakes worked well. Gave it the gas and got some momentum – the road flattens out for a second and got enough speed to go the three blocks to the house. The Prius has yet to fail me and I highly recommend a hybrid – although next time I may try the side street instead.

Of course – 30 minutes later the wonderful Wanaque Borough plow came through again and then I wouldn’t have had any problem. The town really does a good job of cleaning the streets nad the plow drivers will probably go through the night. A few years ago even the Mayor was driving a plow, of course they only gave him the small one, not the big one (he did get stuck on the ice and the big one had to pull him off).

This snow is supposed to turn into rain tonight and the temperature will go from today’s low of 14 to a high of 47 tomorrow. Who says we don’t have wacky weather these days?

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