Monday, February 11, 2008

Wacky Wanaque Weather

Can anyone explain to me the Wacky (some might say wonderful) weather we have been having recently? For the last two weeks up until yesterday it has been unseasonably warm. All the ice had melted and if I could have gotten out of work I would have gone golfing on Thursday. 60 degrees, you didn’t even need a coat. Saturday morning we had a real quick snow squall that made the grass look white and then by the afternoon it was gone again to be replaced by 40 degree weather ( even warmer in the city where we spent part of the afternoon). You can see a little bit of snow on the rock in my previous photo post from Saturday afternoon – that was all that was left at 2:45.

Now, I live at one of the higher elevations in Wanaque and we usually see a 2 – 3 degree differential between where we live and the bottom of the hill/mountain. Our flowers always bloom a week later and snow does tend to stick more. That still does not explain this Indian summer in January and February. It finally got cold yesterday and we went through two different 10 minute snow squalls but then the wind whipped up and blew most of it away. Even Doogie didn’t want to stay outside longer then he had to. He has his built in coat but all he wanted was to get his business done and get back in the house.

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