Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunset Over Wanaque - Cropping

I was looking back at my photos of the sunset the other night and I realized that I had been to much in a rush. I got some decent photos but I didn't get what I really wanted. I really like this first picture. The colors in the clouds mixed with the silhouettes of the trees works well but there is too much bland sky at the top of the photo and the silhouette on the left side is too tight. I decided to play around with the picture to see if I could make it look a little better. I only cropped the photo - didn't play with anything else.

The Original:
The first time I croppped the photo I used the the two trees on the sides to frame the clouds while reducing the emptiness over the clouds. They act like a great frame and focus the eye on the center. The second time I cropped the photo I decided to focus on the tree on the right. There is enough detail in the tree and the eye gets drawn to that tree. At the same time it brings the color of the sky out. Which one do you like best?

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