Thursday, July 17, 2008

Soda snorts and othe sorts!

I was going to hold off on this post because I figured my mother-in-law would say that I am always picking on her. I figured I could wait until a slow day and put this together then. What does Mom decide to do? She decides to send me an email with more ammunition and then I just can't help myself. I really do love her but it was a great moment.

The last night that we were in NH on vacation we were all in the family room watching the WMUR 11:00 news. Mom decided to get a drink while the news was on. She poured herself some ice tea (it's really good ice tea) and started to drink it. At the same time the news went live on location to a reporter in the field. Just as he was wrapping up his story and made some comment to that fact he got drowned out by a fire engine racing by on the street behind him. Pops made some comment about him having to go to another story and we all burst out laughing.

Mom, of course, was drinking at the time and grabbed her nose and covered her mouth to keep the tea from coming out. It didn't help that I had my camera next to me and started taking pictures. We calmed down for a minute and then she was brave enough to try and drink some more. Innocent me, , of course, had to make a comment. And so it went. Pops was next and we were all cracking up....... We must have laughed for at least 10 minutes, Sue even had tears coming out of her eyes at one point.

So, I was going to be good about this until Mom sent an email last night. Her and Pops had gone to a local restaurant and Pops had ordered a wrap. The wrap came and was held together by one of those toothpicks with the frilly end. He started eating the wrap but forgot to take the toothpick out. Pops realizes it and starts looking for the toothpick without taking the bite out of his mouth. Mom, who is drinking her soda this time starts cracking up at all the facial expressions he is making and hence the soda snorts. It didn't get any better when he found 2/3rds of the toothpick but not the frilly end. It took him five more minutes to find the end and Mom said she was laughing so hard that the waitress didn't understand why she was crying when she came by the table. As an homage - Mom laughing so hard she snorts:

D300, 18-200mm VR, 130mm, F/5.6, 1/60s, ISO 200, Flash

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