Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hot!!!!!!!!!!! Buffalo Wings!!!!!!

Sue and I spent the weekend in Danbury Connecticut while leaving the kids with Grandma and Grandpa to swim all day. (They spent 5 hours in the pool on Saturday and only a few on Sunday).

I happen to be a lover of all things hot and spicy and have never met a hot sauce store I didn't like. I usually walk out of those stores with at least 3 or 4 new sauces. Imagine my surprise when going through the list of restaurants in Danbury I found TK's American Cafe.They have 37 different varieties of wings and that alone was enough to make me want to eat there.

Sue and I ended up going there for lunch on Saturday and let me say that this is a great sports bar. There are TVs everywhere and when we picked a booth we had our own little TV there that we could change the channels on and everything. It certainly made watching the Olympics while we were eating easy. What's better than a little lunch and some women's beach volleyball?

Now TK's has been around since 1990 and according to the history on the back of the menu it was floundering until it put together 10¢ wing night and history was made. You can take a look at the menu here and see all 37 flavors.

The first five flavors on the menu were Mild, Buffalo Hot, Xtra-hot, Suicide, and Revenge. You can guess which ones I was most interested in. The waitress was extremely helpful and described the difference between all of the wings. The two hottest varieties are Suicide and Caribbean. The difference is in the taste of the hot sauce. This was the best answer ever since I like heat but not over taste. If something is hot just to be hot and has no taste it isn't worth it. So, I was obviously in heaven at this point.

This is when I discovered one of the secrets of TK's, there is actually a 38th flavor that they don't put on the menu. It is hotter than Revenge and the hottest wing that they make. I won't give away the secret - you will have to ask when you go there but if you like your wings extra hot I recommend that you ask for their resurrection wings. The hottest ones not on the menu.

Did I like them? I loved them. They made my eyes tear up and my nose run and yet they had the perfect amount of flavor with an unbelievable amount of heat. My lips were burning all through lunch and everything else I ate set the heat off even after I finished the wings.Sue kept laughing at me but they were terrific.

TK's will sell you the sauce for any of their flavors at $4.75 a jar (+ tax) and needless to say I walked away with a jar of resurrection for my own home use. If you have a chance and happen to be on 84 driving through Connecticut and heading through Danbury I highly recommend that you jump off the highway for a 5 minute ride to TK's and have a generous helping of wings (pick your own heat but I know what I am getting next time I drive through)

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