Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw

For those of you who use Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw for their photo workflow please be aware, the new releases Lightroom 1.4 and Camera Raw 4.4 have been pulled due to some issues found once they were released. You can find information here on the Lightroom Journal maintained by the Adobe Lightroom team. It is always nice to see someone taking personal responsibility when there is a problem and then trying to figure out what went wrong. In my business it is called root cause analysis and it appears to be what the Lightroom team will be doing. Then they will fix the process for the future.

Now - not to get on a rant here (too late) but it is about time we see people take responsibility for their actions. I have no trouble with people asking for compassion when they are having an issue even if they caused it as long as they admit their mistake. On the other hand - I have no sympathy what so ever for those who know better but blame someone else. I had a co-worker a few years ago who was fired from their job because they were using their corporate credit card for their personal purchases. Mind you - this wasn't a mistake of taking the wrong card out of their wallet but rather they were over-extended on their own credit card and said "Gee - I have this one from the company...." They were over-extended because they 'needed' to have some new clothes and other luxury items and only shopped at certain stores. I was brought up that you only spend for what you can afford and if you can't afford it you go without. When they were asked why (after they were warned multiple times) the answer was 'well, I had the card and I couldn't live without this other stuff....'.

So 3 cheers for the Lightroom team and stay posted to their blog for when they will release 1.4.1 and Camera Raw 4.4.1

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